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Monica Pignotti: Reborn into Thought Field Therapy May 16, 2009

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After leaving Scientology, Monica Pignotti was involved with Thought Field Therapy.

She has written one article defending it, and another attacking it. Is there a pattern here?

Thought Field Therapy, or TFT, is fringe psychological treatment developed by an American psychologist, Roger Callahan. Its proponents say that it can heal a variety of mental and physical ailments through specialized “tapping” with the fingers at meridian points on the upper body and hands. There is no scientific evidence that Thought Field Therapy is effective, and the American Psychological Association has stated that TFT “lacks a scientific basis.”

Callahan states that the process can relieve a wide variety of problems including psychological trauma, phobias, anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictive urges, and depression, by treating the blockage in the energy flow created by a disturbing thought pattern.

He has also said in a 2006 interview on National Public Radio that “TFT can successfully treat physical illnesses such as Malaria in as little as 15 minutes”

In an article on his website, Callahan has also stated that TFT can successfully prevent heart problems that may lead to sudden death, and that TFT has successfully stopped atrial fibrillation. In 1985, in his first book on TFT, he said that specific phobias could be cured in as little as five minutes.

Callahan also asserts that his most advanced level, Voice Technology (VT) can be performed over the phone using an undisclosed “technology”. Training for the advanced VT is provided by Callahan. The fee listed on Callahan’s website for this training is $120,000. Trainees must sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose the trade secret behind VT.